Personal Statements

Unique Selling Proposition / Unique Selling Point / USP

Image Details: Unique Selling Point by photosteve101, via Flickr

A personal statement is a paragraph at the top of your CV that summarises where you are at the moment, what you want to do and when.  It also highlights your skills, successes and achievements so a potential employer can see why you are the person for the job.  It is sometimes known as a profile or career summary.  A personal statement is a marketing tool and can help to make you stand out from the crowd to a potential employer.  It’s all about self-marketing!

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Facebook Recruitment Video 2010

Do you think Facebook would be a good employer?  If your answer is ‘yes’, why?  (Don’t say… “because I’d be able to be on Facebook all day rather than working!”)

Also, Mark Zuckerberg (one of the men in the video) actually invented Facebook.  It looks like he is a very ‘hands on’ boss (in other words, he is very involved in the day-to-day running of the business).  What effect do you think this has on the employees and the business?  Is it a good thing?

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