Facebook Timeline

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If you haven’t already updated your Facebook profile to the new timeline, then soon, Facebook will be forcing you to do it.  The forced change will happen over the next few weeks.  It’s a big change and one that you need to understand fully to ensure that your online identiy does not cause you problems in the future, for example, when trying to get a job.  This article on the BBC News Beat website clearly explains the changes and what you need do regarding your privacy settings.

Image details: Facebook Like Button by Sean MacEntee, via Flickr

What is Prezi?

Prezi is an alternative presentation tool.  It’s very different to PowerPoint.  I have used it in a few lessons now and rather like it.  I get the sense that my students prefer it to PowerPoint too (although I’d be grateful if my students could post their honest feedback on this blog post!)  It’s more dynamic than PowerPoint and more visually stimulating.

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Just Google It…

Thanks to the internet, research is now a really quick, straightforward task.  Just ‘Google’ your topic and you get information.  Simple.

Actually this isn’t strictly true.  Often you are presented with way too much information.  It’s really hard to sift through all of it and find what you are looking for.  This video offers some fantastic web search strategies which might make web research just a little bit easier.  Enjoy (and feel free to comment).