All About Apostrophes

I know that a number of my students find placing apostrophes tricky.  So I thought I’d search the internet for some resources to make learning apostrophes a little easier.  The song in the video above is clever.

Here are some more useful resources…

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An App for Everything

App Store

Image details – App Store by Christiano Betta, via Flickr

Mobile phone apps – it’s not just Angry Birds and Facegoo you know!  There are actually some great educational apps out there that are worth a look.  Check out these links:

Whilst the apps might not be relevent to the course you are studying, it’s important to keep learning regardless.  Pick an app to help you learn something new…

Editing and Proofreading


Following my proofreading tips in this earlier post, I thought it would be a good idea to share some resources that help improve proofreading skills.  The BBC Skillswise website is an excellent resource for adult literacy students.  It also includes an excellent section for adult numeracy too.  Here some links:

For proofreading and writing skills specifically, I recommend this section.  Enjoy!