Back in the Day

Try not to be offended by the blatant gender stereotyping and dodgy acting in this video… it was from 1947!  Isn’t it fascinating how things have changed?

Discussion topics

  • Is any of this relevant today? The equipment might not be, but what about the skills of the secretary?
  • Why do we see more administrators these days, rather than secretaries?

2 thoughts on “Back in the Day

  1. jananoyon says:

    I wish my desk was as tidy as hers! I can’t hear the sound but doesn’t really matter, I love it! Perhaps we should do a ‘history day’ and get the look for ourselves 🙂

    • The audio is hilarious. I love that she has to call the boss ‘Mr XXX’ but he calls her by her first name. It’s just terrible! It’s fascinating how things have changed. The underpinning skills, such as organisation, haven’t though. With the volume of data the modern administrator has to handle, I think we need to be even more organised. Everything happens so much faster. I am rather liking the idea of a history day. We would start collecting old-fashioned office stuff and start a display…

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