What is Prezi?

Prezi is an alternative presentation tool.  It’s very different to PowerPoint.  I have used it in a few lessons now and rather like it.  I get the sense that my students prefer it to PowerPoint too (although I’d be grateful if my students could post their honest feedback on this blog post!)  It’s more dynamic than PowerPoint and more visually stimulating.

I plan to encourage my students to use it in the classroom.  This is what they will need to do (all of this applies to teachers wanting to use Prezi too):

Sign up for a free student/teacher user licence on Prezi.  It’s important that students use this licence, rather than the standard one, as they are able to keep their presentations private (an important esafety consideration).  This type of licence also comes with more space. Teachers should check that students presentations are set to private by clicking on the student’s name (top right of screen) then Settings & Licences.  ‘Profiles and Prezis’ should be set to ‘invisible’ . 

Students must use their College/School email address and it must match the domain name of their College/School website.  For example your student email address might be johns123@mycollege.com and the College’s website address must be http://www.mycollege.com.

Students will then receive an email from Prezi confirming their registration.  It will include a link that they need to click on to confirm. 

Then it’s just a case of logging in and looking around!  The Prezi videos below are excellent.  I plan to give my students the task of designing their first Prezi entitled ‘All About Me’ just to experiment with it (again, ensuring that their privacy settings are appropriately set).


3 thoughts on “What is Prezi?

  1. Additional student feedback (emailed to tutor as some students were experiencing internet problems so they could not post a comment):

    I think prezi is cool and I like it a lot better than PowerPoint because you can add videos and pictures and I would like to use it again in class. (Jenella).

    Prezi is much better than powerpoint. I think we should have it in some of our lessons but not all the time (Toyah)!

    I like it a lot. I would like it in more lessons. I prefer it to Powerpoint (Ryan).

    I think Prezi is really good! It’s a fun way of making powerpoints (Zoe).

    I think Prezi is really good, and if we used it a bit more to get used to it then I would like to use it in our classes (Claire).

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