Facebook Privacy Settings

No Trespassing

Image details – No Trespassing by Dru Bloomfield, via Flickr

Have you checked your privacy settings on Facebook recently?

Whilst I am a big fan of Facebook, there is one thing I think they get wrong.  They regularly make changes to how you control your privacy settings and they just don’t make it obvious enough.

If you are going to put information about yourself out there on the internet, it’s important that you know who’s going to see it.  Once it’s out there – it’s out there forever.  That’s why we really must pay attention to privacy settings.

We must also think about what we put into the public domain.  When I post something to one of my social networks, I always do The Granny Test.  In other words, I ask myself ‘would I be ok with my granny seeing this?’  If the answer is no, then I don’t post it.  Simple, but effective.

Facebook Screenshot

Image details – Facebook Screenshot by Neeraj Kumar, via Flickr

I am going to leave you with this thought…  You might need to apply for a job in the near future.  Most businesses these days are pretty clued up when it comes to social networking – they have to be.  So if you get short-listed for a position, how do you think your prospective employer might ‘check out out’?  They will Google you.  Then they will ask a ‘young person’ in the office to find you on Facebook, often via ‘friends of friends’.  Does that worry you?

Please take some time to look around Facebook’s help centre.  It’s really good.  Here is a link to information about basic privacy settings, however this is just the basics – there is more to it than this.  Students, let me know if you’d like a tutorial on this, and other esafety topics.  Be safe!


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